YouTube channel

I started watching YouTubers about five years ago. Soon after I decided that I wanted to inspire and entertain people on YouTube, just as my favourite YouTubers were doing to me. Actually starting YouTube was a lot  harder than I realised it would be.

I did not own a camera or any filming equipment and I did not have any where to film, however I did not let this stop me. After many false starts and deleted videos I am where I am today. I have a camera, filming equipment, places to film, things to talk about and people who actually watch my videos. I am very grateful for how far my channel has come.

My channel is a lifestyle channel (just like my blog) where I discuss different topics pertaining to the life of a young, Black, Christian girl, living in London and studying in Sheffield. My channel is very personal and I think that is what my subscribers like and can appreciate. They like the fact that I am so open about certain things that they themselves my be experiencing.

My channel



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